A school is a place designed to impart knowledge and develop students potential under the guidance of good mentors. Our school canters best quality education with its team of spirited teachers. Who tasters the students by simple but strong teaching methods. We always try for the holistic development under the guidance of dynamic mentors. We also give emphasis on physical, mental, or recreational activities.


The achievements received by the institution has not only enriched the glory of the school but also inspired us to work with YPPS it not just to used on academic excellence, we help children to find their talents and realize their full potential. The students of our school excel in academic as well as participated in various other competitions organized by many other organizations and made us proud. Last two years board results ignited us to scale new heights.


Our visual is very much clear. We always believe that each child is different. Every child is special. We always emphasize on the holistic development of the child. We always want to impart good and quality education to develop a child academic, psychological, spiritual state. We always rander our helping hands in nation building.


“child care life care” is the motto or the prime mantra of our prime institution. We believe that every child is special. Loaded with potentials our duty is to recognize the inner talent and instigate to improve. We provide good quality education. Moral education and other activities for the holistic development of a child.


Our school always tries to make evidence driven decisions about the actions required to maximize the students achievements. Planning is the in going process that helps school as complex communities to meet the dual challenge of enhancing quality education and preparation of a good human being.


To create a culture of kindness and respect, where students are treated warmly in a safe and supporting environment. We always taster a positive spirit and believe in partnership between students, teacher, parents and staff. Our aim is to excell through support, encouragement praise and motivation. Building relationship and tastering students sense of community are our hallmarks.