Science Labs

There is no study of science without experimentation and observation. YPPS emphasizes on conducting detailed laboratory sessions with the students to make them explore and experience the real essence of learning. We not only provide well-equipped laboratories for students but also inspire them to make the most out of the facility to understand scientific concepts in a practical way.

Computer Labs

The modem era education system is technologically driven. Students can access any information from any part of the world just with a click. All our computer labs are well-equipped and have the latest software and high-speed Internet connectivity  with fourty nos. of desktop for the benefit of students

Healthy Nourishment

The menu on YPPS cuisine card dishes out wholesome, nourishing and wide variety of food that gives strength and delights the taste buds of every student. It offers both vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisine. Our utmost priority is to provide delicious and healthy food. We also ensure complete sanitation in the cooking area. We follow variety and proper timings through our dedicated team of chefs. We follow strict time schedules for meals and for our canteens to inculcate good eating habits.

Mineral water

Pure and clean drinking water is made available to the students in the residential campuses from Sri Chaitanya’s own mineral water plant.

Expert faculty

At YPPS, teachers inspire the students to bring out the best in them. Our efficient faculty members with their experience and commitment, dedicate themselves for the students’ success. The teacher-student relationship is not based merely on lecturing but also on sharing. Our teachers are at the forefront of technology based teaching. They prepare students for a range of career paths and help them develop the skills, habits and attitudes they can retain over a lifetime.

Feeling at Home

Education is all about developing a wholesome personality. The word ‘hostel’ describes an attitude, a philosophy, coming together of different people and sharing thoughts, The hostel facilities of YPPS provide the opportunity to make lots of friends and enable them to get adapted to the new environment. They are built in serene locations, which give fresh air and peaceful place to learn.

Safety and Security

We always believe that students can pursue hassle-free education only in a safe and secure environment. This is the reason why security is given utmost importance at YPPS. A watchful eye is kept on students from the morning till they go to bed at night. The team of security personnel in each residential campus goes for a vigil round the clock. When it comes to the girls’ campuses. a security blanket is spread and no streak of negligence is shown.